Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Iran and Denial of Preconditions

         The six-nations have talked to Iran about stopping the nuclear enrichment program but they have not influenced Iran's decision as the country is going to continue building on their foundation. This involves the enrichment or Uranium which was against the preconditions of the UN Security council; the council has decided to lift sanctions. European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said that whenever Iran is ready to turn positive they can give the union a call and agree on the preconditions. Countries such as China, Germany, Britain, France, Russia and the United States are worried that the enrichment program may be used to create weapons. Tehran denies that it wants to make nuclear arms and make peaceful energy for its increasing population. There are many suspicions that Iran uses Uranium to make warhead material because Iran is not co-operating with the UN. On Friday the six-nations and Iran had a meeting regarding the enrichment and all that Iran had brought up was concerns of US base in Iraq, Israel's nuclear arsenal and global weaponry. By the looks of the action it seems Iran is asking for more sanctions and more amends on the nuclear facilities.

Second Part - Opinion

    First off I would like to start off with something on a personal note. I am an Iranian born in Canada and the opinion of most people these days on Iran is terrorism. What they don't understand is that the people that live in Iran have suffered a lot from the Islamic Movement in 1979; I have nothing against Islam but the people who caused the resolution are scattered all over the country making people's perspectives of the country just brutal. The question is should Iran accept the preconditions or keep improving their nuclear program and face sanctions? I think Iran should accept preconditions because if they keep denying them then they don't know what more sanctions are to come.

       Currently, in Tehran, Iran there has been a magnitude of construction and usage of buildings, nuclear plants and cars causing tremendous amounts of pollution - the worst pollution in its history and one of the worst in the world. It just shows how ignorant the government is and if they deny the preconditions it will make themselves look weak. If the government shows themselves as really weak, then Iranian citizens will take advantage and start another protest and perhaps lead to a new revolution. By not accepting these preconditions their country will probably be in economic downfall; current sanctions against Iran are: no shipping of arms, no banking outside of the country, no financial transactions, etc. As you can see Iran should just accept the sanctions because it is going to get a lot worse for the citizens of Iran and perhaps the people who work in the government. So much for "peaceful purposes." I think even if Iran accepts they will always find their sneaky way of enriching their nuclear programs. If the other countries are scared and know Iran isn't going to listen, why don't they build their own nuclear plants. Are we really getting the right information? Information is withheld and it raises the suspicion that, what if countries like UK, USA and Iran all work for each other? 

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