Monday, January 24, 2011

Sudan Will Accept Seperation According to President Bashir

          Omar al-Bashir president of Sudan has expected that the south of Sudan is going to secede themselves if there was a referendum vote the next year. There has been tremendous tension between south and northern Sudan even though the north-south war had ended 5 years ago. Southern politicians have accused President Bashir that the referendum vote is going to be fixed, so that there are "no votes" for segregation. The reason the north wants to keep the south is because of the oil abundance. President Bashir has promised that the north will act friendly to the south, but there is quite a great deal of skepticism. The southerns believe due to the war crimes caused by Bashir in Darfur (ethnically divided from Central Sudan), that there are ethnic groups in the south to destabilise the region. Since oil makes up 90% of the wealth in southern Sudan, the southern leader Mr. Kirr has said if there is separation in the country then the south will still distribute oil until the proper facilities are built. Mr. Kiir has accused that the conflicts that killed over 2000 people in the south have been in the fault of Bashir's allies—Bashir denies the charges.

         I feel that Sudan should undergo a separation in order to stop from conflict and pursue the peoples rights. Sudan has had too many wars between north and south just based on religion. The north part of Sudan is Muslim and the south is mainly Christian and others. Salva Kirr the Southern Sudan president stated that "The north and south will continue to be economically and politically connected whatever the choice of people of Southern Sudan." If Sudan separates into two then there will be no war. Human rights is the fairness and equality of every human to be treated equally whether gender, religion or race; now these laws don't seemed to be enforced in Sudan but it sure can be interpreted. If the reason the north wants to stay united with the south is due to oil abundance and Mr. Kirr promises that both sides will be economically friendly then there no reason there shouldn't be a segregation. Not only is the economic base still available for both sides but the conflicts are gone and less people are threatened. This segregation can change the life of many people but its always hard to predict the positives and the consequences.  

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