Saturday, May 28, 2011

Inflatable Doll Race in Lithuania

   There were about 200 men who registered for competing in a race, where sex dolls were used as rafts; only 20 people were chosen to compete. Liudas Pestininkas, was the winner of the race, he said "Vaida was a very good girl, and only listens to me. She is cool. Other participants don't have dolls as cool as mine." With these inflatable sex dolls this represent "National Men's Day." This event happened earlier today, May 28th in Vilnius, Lithuania. "We did a survey on the internet and all voters said that they needed to celebrate such a day," said organiser of the race, radio programme director Mindaugas Stasiulis.

  This is a very fascinating idea because it gives a sense of humour that cheers people up and what the world needs is more of these kind of things. This is what really gets the community involved and brings people together. Other countries should really follow these kind of things and come up with their own ideas. There is another case, what about "National Women's Day," what kind of ideas could be put to day dedicated to women; there are days like this, but what similar to inflatable doll swimming races. It seems the world really favours men and we need to come up with more things for women and something on the lines of this could work for the opposite gender; even though this is in Lithuania we can look at this in a general perspective.  

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The Big Mac Machine

  Don Gorske ate his 25, 000 Big Mac on Wednesday, May 18, 2011. Before his famous 25, 000 Big Mac, Don showed onlookers his collection of Big Mac packages and other related stories. Gorske appeared in the 2004 film, Super Size Me, where it showed his healthy habits of exercise. Currently, he has a low cholesterol and a clean bill of health. Tara Gidus says that Groske is relatively healthy because of his genetics and doesn't order extras. "I plan on eating Big Macs until I die," Don Gorske said.

   First I congratulate him for making the Guinness World Records. Another good thing is his wife doesn't have to cook and he is relatively fit, even though he is constantly eating these burgers. I think that the burgers may not affect him now and perhaps when he is a lot older it could affect his cholesterol and his heart.  His obsession has to stop soon because he may not know if one day his cholesterol goes extremely high or if he has a heart problem. It is best to eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, since that is the safest thing to do. The real question is what if he stops eating these things, could it be like an addiction to cigarettes once you quit you get a lot of other health problems?

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Devestating Fire

       On May 16, 2011 Slave Lake, Alberta erupted in a wildfire ,with wind at 100km/h, destroying nearly 40% of the buildings; forcing 7000 residents out of there homes. Many people evacuated to nearby temporary shelters waiting for the smoke to clear in order to see if there houses are burnt or safe and others are homeless; everyone seems to be lost. There were 80 firefighters from Ontario that came and 200 from B.C. There are 100 wildfires and 23 are considered out of control. Premier Ed Stelmach put a fire ban in place across the province on Tuesday.

      This is definitely tragic and in order to prepare for these things we need more sophisticated programs. The firefighters are fine because British Columbia is advanced in forest fires, but the little issue is for more shelters and a proper evacuation plan. These shelters are basically in the town and should be a distance away. I know there isn't much you can do in this situation but from this experience, Alberta can prepare better and have its own specialized firefighting program. The Premier should have put the fire ban a lot earlier even though it wouldn't make much of a difference. The real question is how are they going to prevent more fire from spreading and if it does what kind of professional action plan is set; in these situations you can not do much, but you can make something happen.  

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Arnold Swarzenegger Love Child

   Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a  child had an affair with former staffer, Mildred Patricia Banea 10 years ago. She has a child and with this being revealed a few days ago, wife Maria Shriver stated that they are "amicably separating." Swarzenegger's were recently told about their half brother. The couple married in 1986 and were known as one of the world's most famous couple. Arnold was a very famous actor and Maria was a news anchor and part of the Kennedy family.

    We all know that actors do crazy things and money sometimes takes control of their mind and makes them do these kind of things. We know this has happened, but why would he bring it up 10 years from now, maybe he wants to get more publicity and/or the media is conveying this figure into something more than what it is. That last part is a little false, although famous people do bad things it is no different than a regular person doing it, it is just more publicized and critiqued, which it shouldn't. Arnold did a bad thing and a separation is what it should really come down to. I think that Arnold knows he made a mistake, the sad part is why would he do this in the first place knowing he has children that could be affected. I am worried about the kids more than Maria and Arnold, it is hard for people their age to coop with these things. The media does not really talk about how the "Love Child" is going through these things; is he happy that he just found out he has a dad who is a millionaire or sad that he just found out he has a father. Arnold should have never done it and we all know he is sorry, but that doesn't make up for it too much.


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Conservatives Return

   After the recent election the Conservatives had gained 167 votes. The only problem was the Conservative only got 6 out of Quebec's 75 votes; "I'm disappointed, but I'm not discouraged," Harper said. Interestingly enough the NDP became the official opposition with 30.62% of the votes. After Harper won he had a champagne celebration and started getting phone calls from President Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron.

  The problem with the Liberals is they influenced a new election but they didn't show their platform and how they would handle the coalition and budget. This gave the opportunity for the NDP to climb up and become a second place "team."  Another issue, one with the Conservatives is they have low votes in Quebec, which shows they do not offer as much diversity than the left wing on the political spectrum. I wanted Liberals to win but sometimes you have to go to the other side when your platform is not strong and the other side has more to offer. The problem is that a lot of people voted NDP and if this number keeps building they will have a chance to run the government; they are not strong enough and the country will just become weak. The Liberals have to climb a tough mountain and fast. Thank you!

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Apple Sueing Samsung Electronics

       Apple sued rival Samsung Electronics, claiming that Samsung's Galaxy lines of mobiles is a copy of the IPhone and IPad. Galaxy products use Google's Android operating system; Apple is really focusing on how they believe that Samsung copied their design features and screen icons. "This kind of blatant copying is wrong," Apple spokeswoman Kristin Huguet said in a statement. Nokia has sued Apple, which in turn sued handset maker HTC Corp. In its lawsuit against Samsung, Apple stated that earlier versions of Samsung smart phones did not copy the same combination of Apple's designs. There were different types of shapes in the Samsung smart phones. Apple is bringing up 16 claims against Samsung and 10 patent claims.

IPad? Think is a Samsung Galaxy Tab!

       The world has come to phase where people have become proud of their ideas and do not like for people to steal them and that is how Apple Inc. feels. Apple should in some sense be happy for what they have invented and that another company maybe taking their ideas. It is called innovation; Samsung maybe taking their idea for tablet screens but they are adding their own little design twist to it; it isn't enough though. Why isn't Nintendo's idea for a DS not being sued for Apple's similar touch screen idea or a Fujitsu laptop; maybe Apple took the idea perhaps from something more simple or from them and turned it into a world wide phenomenon. Nintendo Wii has been innovated to an Xbox Connect and PS3 Move, but there isn't much controversy to this because they have their own games, different styles of television-control movement, and different formats in their home menus and different design shapes. What Samsung should do is create more design to the phone and add more games, apps, programs and features that really define and make Samsung smart phones unique. There is a reason why Samsung is being sued. 

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ontario Court on Marijuana Laws

        The Ontario Superior Court Justice Donald Taliano finds that the medical regulations for marijuana is invalid. The problem is that marijuana users may use it more than their medical prescription. "Rather than promote health – the regulations have the opposite effect. Rather than promote effective drug control – the regulations drive the critically ill to the black market," he wrote. Matthew Mernagh has suffered from several illnesses and marijuana was the most effective treatment for his pain but no doctor supported his case so he was later charged of producing drugs by growing his own cannabis. The medical program for marijuana has been boycotted because there is not enough training on how to prescribe the drug.

      Marijuana is a drug that can get people high and can be used for medical purposes. Already in Canada it is illegal but what Canada should do is initiate seminars for marijuana use and study it more efficiently. If this is something people feel can really aide an illness or disease than legalizing it in hospitals could lead to more discoveries. This is how the world started by finding new ways to help people and maybe this is a key to something new. With seminars there can be ways to teach how to prescribe the drug and if it is not so known then it is worth experimenting because the final result is, it helps; there is no failure; it is kind of like trying a new type of surgery ,based on intense research. Marijuana should be used by doctors way more often and  just for health purposes and still keeping it illegal to communities because it is a drug. Doctors should start recognizing the importance and supporting it.

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