Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Conservatives Return

   After the recent election the Conservatives had gained 167 votes. The only problem was the Conservative only got 6 out of Quebec's 75 votes; "I'm disappointed, but I'm not discouraged," Harper said. Interestingly enough the NDP became the official opposition with 30.62% of the votes. After Harper won he had a champagne celebration and started getting phone calls from President Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron.

  The problem with the Liberals is they influenced a new election but they didn't show their platform and how they would handle the coalition and budget. This gave the opportunity for the NDP to climb up and become a second place "team."  Another issue, one with the Conservatives is they have low votes in Quebec, which shows they do not offer as much diversity than the left wing on the political spectrum. I wanted Liberals to win but sometimes you have to go to the other side when your platform is not strong and the other side has more to offer. The problem is that a lot of people voted NDP and if this number keeps building they will have a chance to run the government; they are not strong enough and the country will just become weak. The Liberals have to climb a tough mountain and fast. Thank you!

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