Saturday, May 28, 2011

Inflatable Doll Race in Lithuania

   There were about 200 men who registered for competing in a race, where sex dolls were used as rafts; only 20 people were chosen to compete. Liudas Pestininkas, was the winner of the race, he said "Vaida was a very good girl, and only listens to me. She is cool. Other participants don't have dolls as cool as mine." With these inflatable sex dolls this represent "National Men's Day." This event happened earlier today, May 28th in Vilnius, Lithuania. "We did a survey on the internet and all voters said that they needed to celebrate such a day," said organiser of the race, radio programme director Mindaugas Stasiulis.

  This is a very fascinating idea because it gives a sense of humour that cheers people up and what the world needs is more of these kind of things. This is what really gets the community involved and brings people together. Other countries should really follow these kind of things and come up with their own ideas. There is another case, what about "National Women's Day," what kind of ideas could be put to day dedicated to women; there are days like this, but what similar to inflatable doll swimming races. It seems the world really favours men and we need to come up with more things for women and something on the lines of this could work for the opposite gender; even though this is in Lithuania we can look at this in a general perspective.  

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