Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Arnold Swarzenegger Love Child

   Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a  child had an affair with former staffer, Mildred Patricia Banea 10 years ago. She has a child and with this being revealed a few days ago, wife Maria Shriver stated that they are "amicably separating." Swarzenegger's were recently told about their half brother. The couple married in 1986 and were known as one of the world's most famous couple. Arnold was a very famous actor and Maria was a news anchor and part of the Kennedy family.

    We all know that actors do crazy things and money sometimes takes control of their mind and makes them do these kind of things. We know this has happened, but why would he bring it up 10 years from now, maybe he wants to get more publicity and/or the media is conveying this figure into something more than what it is. That last part is a little false, although famous people do bad things it is no different than a regular person doing it, it is just more publicized and critiqued, which it shouldn't. Arnold did a bad thing and a separation is what it should really come down to. I think that Arnold knows he made a mistake, the sad part is why would he do this in the first place knowing he has children that could be affected. I am worried about the kids more than Maria and Arnold, it is hard for people their age to coop with these things. The media does not really talk about how the "Love Child" is going through these things; is he happy that he just found out he has a dad who is a millionaire or sad that he just found out he has a father. Arnold should have never done it and we all know he is sorry, but that doesn't make up for it too much.


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  1. I agree with you Arya but I think whether or not he was famous the result would have been the same. He did make a mistake 10 years ago which could affect the childs life greatly depending on how much responsiblity he decides to take to look after this child. That is what I am looking at, how he handles the relationship with the kid or just stays out of his life like he did the last 10 years.