Thursday, April 21, 2011

Apple Sueing Samsung Electronics

       Apple sued rival Samsung Electronics, claiming that Samsung's Galaxy lines of mobiles is a copy of the IPhone and IPad. Galaxy products use Google's Android operating system; Apple is really focusing on how they believe that Samsung copied their design features and screen icons. "This kind of blatant copying is wrong," Apple spokeswoman Kristin Huguet said in a statement. Nokia has sued Apple, which in turn sued handset maker HTC Corp. In its lawsuit against Samsung, Apple stated that earlier versions of Samsung smart phones did not copy the same combination of Apple's designs. There were different types of shapes in the Samsung smart phones. Apple is bringing up 16 claims against Samsung and 10 patent claims.

IPad? Think is a Samsung Galaxy Tab!

       The world has come to phase where people have become proud of their ideas and do not like for people to steal them and that is how Apple Inc. feels. Apple should in some sense be happy for what they have invented and that another company maybe taking their ideas. It is called innovation; Samsung maybe taking their idea for tablet screens but they are adding their own little design twist to it; it isn't enough though. Why isn't Nintendo's idea for a DS not being sued for Apple's similar touch screen idea or a Fujitsu laptop; maybe Apple took the idea perhaps from something more simple or from them and turned it into a world wide phenomenon. Nintendo Wii has been innovated to an Xbox Connect and PS3 Move, but there isn't much controversy to this because they have their own games, different styles of television-control movement, and different formats in their home menus and different design shapes. What Samsung should do is create more design to the phone and add more games, apps, programs and features that really define and make Samsung smart phones unique. There is a reason why Samsung is being sued. 

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  2. I understand where Apple comes from in hopes of defending their own intellectual property but this is a common problem in the technology industry. At the rate that technology evolves it would be impossible to say that one idea is rightfully one persons. The idea of a tablet especially has been around for a while with the first actual tablet being released by HP. Who's to say that Apple didn't copy them?