Monday, April 11, 2011

Veil Is Illegal in France

   In France there has been a recent arrest on an Islamic women, Kenza Drider for wearing a full veil in public. This is a new law inputted in France and is branching into other European countries like Belgium, Germany and Netherlands along others. There is a fine of 150 euros and if the women are forced to wear it then the fine is 30, 000 euros to the enforcer. Only 5% of the Islamic population in France wear the full veil.

   This is very outrageous because it will create controversy with other Islamic countries. If the Islamic faith is to cover up a women in public and use it for the husband's own benefits then I think that France should respect that. The view on France is that the veil is outrageous because you can not identify who the person is which makes a lot of sense. I think that France should respect the extreme Islamists but if they want to enforce such a law perhaps make the women wear at least a hijab. One main reason why war starts is because of religion and in a way France is trying to get rid of such extremists. The final decision should be to just ignore any body who is really religious because it always turns out for the worst when politics and religion are mixed together. Just let the poor women wear what she wants. 

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