Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Provincial Budget Being Heard

    Tim Hudak, a Progressive Conservative Leader had said that Dalton McGuinty and the Liberals will raise taxes, spend money and break promises. Hudak said “If this budget was sold at your local Chapters, you would find it under ‘fiction.’ Ontario families know Dalton McGuinty will say anything he thinks will help to get him re-elected. Why would anyone believe him today?” New Democrat Leader Andrea Horwath said that Dalton McGuinty's plan is a new sales tax. Finance Minister Dwight Duncan does not want to eliminate the stability in health care and education. Nora Loreto, the Canadian Federation of Students wants there to be student debt and fees in the budget. Satinder Chera, Ontario vice-president of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, likes the positive government spending, but not so much how the budget doesn't include job creators.

     I think that budget is being a little overreacted upon because so far everything has been on a steady pace but once people say something like the opposition it becomes overheard. People start talking about it and potentially they find the little cracks in the budget. I would agree that all the people above have a very reasonable statement to say about the budget. I think the government should not just get a general perspective of people's wants, but to look around in different aspects of life like business, education, environment, etc. And based upon that come upon a reasonable solution to not only support the people, but the government's own wants as well; also stay committed to their platform. If we can not trust the own people representing our province, how can we create a well structured and stable environment suitable for everyone in all aspects of life.  


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