Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another G20 Case

     During a Queen Street West demonstration on June 26, 2010 a 42 year old man was injured and the SIU (Special Investigations Unit) has been looking for witnesses from this new case. The victim Canute Fernandes suffered a fractured right arm, and shoulder; he was later taken to Toronto East General for treatment. After interviews with many police and witnesses there could not be an answer on how Canute was injured. There is no proof that the police hurt the victim and the provincial agency was unable to identify the arresting officers. The SIU recieved new images of Fernandes' arrest and injuries from Reuters. SIU wants to talk with the one holding the camera and any information must be called at 416-622-2293. Dorian Barton who broke his arm has filed a $250 000 civil lawsuit to Toronto Police; Joseph Thompson claimed a police officer broke his nose during a protest. Toronto Police Const. Babak Andalib-Goortani was charged with assault with a weapon in connection to the arrest of Adam Nobody.

      There is a reason there are police officers in the street for the G20, to protect the superior leaders by closing streets and creating laws at that time. I think the people have a right to protest in the street but to some extent that they are not causing damage to the city. I think that the police have a right to stop the people from protest, but to an extent where they are not hurting the civilians. In a final conclusion it is both the peoples fault but in this particular case I am favouring a little more towards the person. We don't know if he was just in the street and was aggrevated by irregular behaviour of the police and street closure. I am pretty sure he was just protesting and not going absolutely crazy and breaking police cars. This is a democratic country we shouldn't be protesting like animals nor having police officers that are willing to arrest any protester or hurting anyone. I think the people should have just stayed calm until the G20 was done and the police officers should have been trained in a more sophisticated way and to simply arrest crazy protesters instead of beating them up.   

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