Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Harpers to Attend Royal Wedding

         Prime Minister Stephan Harper and wife Laureen are guests alongside many royals and dignitaries in the upcoming Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding in Westminster Abbey next month. Harper is looking forward to the wedding since Canada is one of the six countries in the Commonwealth and also since the newlyweds will be coming to a Canada Tour three months after the wedding; wedding is on April 29. Officials have invited 1900 people to attend with 50 members from the British royal families and 40 from various European families. Famous guests invited are British Prime Minister David Cameron, Victoria and David Beckham, rapper Kanye West and singer Elton John. Some world leaders like Barack Obama have not been invited. From June 30 to July 8, William and Kate will coming to Canada and they will stop in Alberta, Northwest Territories, Prince Edward Island and Ottawa. Harper had previously invited the two before the wedding invitation.

         I think this is just another perfect scenario to show Britain's relationship with Canada as appose to the one it has with America. Barack Obama was not been invited perhaps because he had not "served well" for his nation and possible speculation of a little racism in my opinion. For Canada though, I think this will be helping the tourism industry, for such royalty to enter our land and in multiple places with not much attention like the Northwest Territories and P.E.I is a great honour. I think the Harper's made a great decision accepting the invitation as mostly anyone would. This is a once in a life time opportunity and the Harper's should cherish this moment. It also gives more advertisement of Canada not just in the Commonwealth but in the entire world since there is major attention on the United Kingdom. Two question though? Why is Kanye West invited? To add the modern touch of music in a world audience? And how come the British Kingdom will never fall and always be in the entire world's "favour," but other countries like in Europe or the Middle-East have lost their monarchies? This may be a little off topic but it was something that really came in my head. Anyway moments should always be cherished and you must always look on the positive side of life.   

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