Friday, February 4, 2011

Charges Against Ex-Mayor

     Investigators of Operation Hammer have arrested Sylvie St-Jean former mayor of Boisbriand, Quebec and seven other people in connection of corruption scandal occurring from 2003-2009. The suspects have been charged with fraud ,bribery, conspiracy, extortion and since they showed up to court today (Thursday), they have been picked up and released to court. According to Sgt. Guy Lapointe, the whole scheme was construction companies bribing elected official's for cash incentives and in return for huge municipal contracts. The municipality would give big contracts to these businesses while they supported the municipality and gave them gifts. Operation Hammer (Opération Marteau) is a unique squad founded in 2009 to investigate allegations of corruption and collision in Quebec's construction industry. Lino Zambito an owner of Infrabec was arrested Thursday for teaming with St-Jean to eliminate the opposition. Zambito encouraged opposition leaders to drop down such as Patrick Thiffaut and Marlene Cordato. When Cordato refused two men broke in her house and assaulted her husband. In Radio-Canada, Zambito agreed for telling Cordato to drop down for the benefit of the community not paying taxes. St-Jean had denied favouring city contracts; Cordato won anyway in 2009 and the suspects will be questioned in courthouse of Joliette,Quebec.

    I think illegal activities of such as transaction between municipalities and constructions in favour of contracts and support should have consequences. There are so many "behind the scenes" work that no one really knows about, but unfortunately for St. Jean it was revealed. I think that if the suspects are alleged for the crime that they should go to jail, but not for a long time. I think St-Jean had done a great job for the city but not of that information is described in the article so instead of her going to jail, perhaps she can get fired from her job. If St-Jean had won then that would have been a different story, but before 2009 she was mayor and that was the time frame of the crimes. I know she wanted the support and for her to win but there are other ways to get it without cheating ,and her losing just made her look worse. The final decision should be that all the people involved should be detained as political prisoners and depending on how bad the situation is how the length shall be determined.


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