Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mubarak Potential for Stepping Down Tonight

   According to NBC Hosni Mubarak will step down Thursday, after more than two long weeks of protests. Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq told BBC Arabic that discussion is still in progress for the president of stepping down. Another report, from Reuters suggests that the information minister says Mubarak will stay in power. President Obama and CIA director have reports Mubarak stepping down. There are so many protests from labourers and this disturbs telecommunication as the people who work on them go on strike for anti-government protests. At this point people are taking advantage to protest for better wages and conditions; so far Mubarak has said he won't step down until September.

     With all these reports saying Mubarak will leave, shows a connection between America and Egypt's government. So I am assuming we definitely don't know if Mubarak will step down. The people seem a little unconscious about the future, if all you are focusing on is Mubarak stepping down, then who is going to replace him is it going to be better or worse. I think the country is just fine, it isn't like a messed up country like Iran where you would go protest against their brutal authoritarian government. Sure Egypt is authoritarian, but it isn't severe or bad at all; tourism, extremely prosperous, especially compared to rest of Middle-East and Africa; although people don't have too many rights they aren't thinking if it could get worse. If Mubarak was to step down, I think someone on his side, secretly, would replace him and continue Mubarak's legacy, but without full control of Hosni Mubarak. The protests have been going on for too long so I am assuming Mubarak will step down soon, but his legacy will continue for a little while. Until September election, there will be potential parties (hopefully good parties) forming for a democratic election. I think Mubarak should step down because it is what the whole country wants; so many people are against one government. I think if Mubarak steps down, it is for his own safety, but you never know if it is good for the country, maybe it will turn out worse. The future can never be told but there are clues and experience that can help you find out!

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