Thursday, February 24, 2011

Libya's Dictator Vows to Resign

     Moammar Kadafi leader of the Libya revolution in 1969 has vow to resign against "greasy rats;" those against the regime in the words of Kadafi. Moammar has done quite a bit to stop the popular uprisings in Libya influenced by other countries. Reports from witnesses and diplomats have suggested that Kadafi has used warplanes, helicopter gunships and foreign mercenaries against anti-government protests. The UN Security Council has met in New York to discuss the unarmed opposition forces in Tripoli. Many Libyan ambassadors have stepped down from their position; the deputy ambassador to the UN denounced the attacks as genocide. People have not seen such a bad government attack to their own people. According to Kadafi he has not fled the country.
     I feel that the people in the country have a right to show what kind of country they really want to fall in and that they should be able to have votes to choose their president. This dictatorship has lasted over 40 years and should come to an end. But I want to look at this in another perspective, one with possible consequences. This dictator has not really done anything bad towards the people of Libya until they started protesting against him. In my opinion countries like America and United Kingdom who follow democracy are influencing young people from dictated countries to follow along. Eventually this influence of young people creating a dictatorship could lead to power in the hands of countries like USA and the UK. We don't know what will happen if Kadafi goes and if the country will get worse or better. There is so much knowledge being withheld and sometimes or most of the time we don't know if we are getting the right information.      


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